Jana PasCual RYT

Jana Pascual
Why I love Yoga: I love the fact that yoga can be readily available to anyone, there are all kinds of levels and styles that one can choose from that can suit one’s interests and needs. Yoga has changed my life immensely for the better, broadening my perspectives, opening my mind to new possibilities, learning how to just breathe- on and even more off the mat. Coming out of a class and feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually stronger is so empowering. .

Fun Fact; i love scrabble and words with friends. when ever i have downtime I enjoy playing these word games .

Teaching Style: I teach more of a Vinyasa style flow, creating a fluid energy while building awareness of alignment within the poses. When teaching Ybarre ,Pilates or Restorative, I definitely work to build upbeat attitudes and positive energy all around within the class! I believe you get out what you put it in!

Favorite Food: I love fruit! There hasn’t been a fruit I had said no to. I love experimenting with whole food based vegan cuisine, like cashew cheese or cauliflower rice yummy! My go to is Mediterranean food, a falafel with some hummus can always hit the spot mmmm

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Ms. Gigi RYT

Why I love Yoga: I love yoga because it strengthens the mind, body and spirit. As I grow in my own yoga practice and embark on my journey as a yoga teacher I have come to value the student-teacher relationship deeply. As I grown in my own yoga practice I can share my experiences with my students as they begin their own yoga journeys. We can grow together through yoga. I want to inspire my students to live the happy, peaceful life with yoga as a powerful centering force in their lives.

Fun Fact:
I lived in Italy ,India, Japan and Singapore where I earned a living as a professional model. I changed careers as I became involved in mma,wushu training and studying for my Black Belt and training my students .

Teaching Style: I love to teach Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga ,Senior and Restorative Yoga. I want my students to feel connected with the body, mind, breath and spirit. Yoga students should feel successful in the practice , from Beginner to Advanced. I love to set my students up for success.

Favorite Foods:
I consider my self a pesca-vegetarian. I eat gluten free and nut-tree free due to allergies. I do love a mean spicy Cajun Salmon. If you want to make me giggle bring me spicy Mexican candy. ( I do love to giggle).

Ms. Gigi V Frack RYT
Martial Art Innovations Inc.
Goldenmonkey Yoga.

Studied and Certified through :

Yoganette  Sudio

Currently studying with Alma White of Yoga Cove

Volunteer at Aim Higher For Disabled Adults

Registered with YogaAlliance


Life has its stresses and everyone finds their outlet somewhere: I found solace in yoga practice. In a career full of "fight or flight", yoga has been a mode of peace & well-being. I absolutely loved the effect that yoga had in my life and wanted a way to spread this to other people experiencing the same thing. I studied and received my 200 HR teacher training through Cloud Nine Yoga. Now, I specialize in beginner yoga & gentle flow (infused with yin & restorative). I love teaching yoga--not only does it relieve stress but it's fun, too! My belief is that everyone can benefit from the gift that yoga gives; we can all be happier and kinder people because of it.

Fun Fact:
I am a total geek--I love Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. We can all be jedis with enough meditation in our lives ;-) 
Favorite Foods:
Filipino-Food (my roots!) Indian Food and Thai Food are my weaknesses. I'm a sucker for dark chocolate treats and yummy Kombucha drinks (Bucha and Kombucha Wonderdrinks are my favorites).